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The No-Hassle

Outdoor Lighting System

Tired of spending hours hanging up holiday lights?

Fed up with spending money each year on installation/takedown?

Done fighting over white or colored lights?

Terrified of getting up on the roof?

We've got your back!


Hassle-free home lighting

Manufacturer’s Product Warranty

Trimlight offers the longest limited-lifetime warranty on the product, equivalent to a 50,000 hour lifespan. You can rest assured your system is covered through the entirety of your time in the home. If you were to run your lights for four hours every night, your system should still be running after 30+ years!

One Time Installation

The system is installed once on the exterior of your home, behind the gutters and trim. Lights and wires are installed in our patented channel, color-matched to go with your existing trim color. This makes it practically invisible during the day, allowing it to be up 24/7, 365 days a year.

Energy-Efficient LEDs

We use the highest grade LED’s on the market which use just .6 watts of energy per bulb. You would have to run your Trimlight system for nearly 8 hours before your energy company bills you for a whopping nickel!


Light control at your fingertips

Choose Any Color

With millions of different color options and the ability to customize your own, the combinations are endless. This of course includes that warm white, along with the ability to adjust the brightness!

Schedules, Timers, Transitions, and Effects

180 preset programs, dozens of transitions, integrated timers and a built-in calendar gives users the flexibility to change the lights up as often or rarely as they’d like.

Complete Customization

Through our wifi-enabled, user-friendly Trimlight app, homeowners gain access to virtually unlimited options. This gives you the control and versatility to set the lights for every major holiday, sporting event, or special occasion throughout the year.

Residential Lighting

Trimlight is more than holiday lighting! Our scheduling feature not only allows you to highlight holidays, but also provides year-round security lighting for your home, all backed with our lifetime product warranty. With our app, you’ll enjoy endless color combinations and patterns!

Commercial Lighting

Stand out from the crowd with good lighting. Let us help your business grow. With Trimlight’s commercial lighting system, you can highlight any storefront or large commercial building. Our system beautifully complements retail storefronts, medical offices, city buildings and more.


With easy access through the Trimlight app, you have the versatility to celebrate any holiday, special occasion, sporting event, or just enjoy the beautiful lighting all year long.


Valentines Day

Fourth of July


Accent Lighting

Gazebo/Patio Lighting

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